What is Services4Stock.com?

Services4Stock.com provides a unique service designed specifically to assist emerging companiesthat are looking for creative ways to grow their business. Services4Stock.com provides these companies with just such a mechanism. By subscribing to our services, you have the potential to build your business and reach markets more quickly and with less cash outlay than expected. We match your company’s profile with leading media business service providers looking to invest in companies just like yours. They provide you with high-profile media exposure or other business services without asking for any cash payment. You compensate the service provider by giving them a small piece of equity in your company. It's simple: they succeed only when you succeed.

How Does Services4Stock.com work?

For a modest monthly fee, your company’s profile will be promoted and available to leading, high-profile media service providers. These companies provide services like advertising in regional and national media outlets; through print, radio and television, public relations services and legal services. We have developed a network of these pre-qualified service providers who subscribe to our Stock4Services.com service. Our service providers are specifically looking for emerging companies such as yours to exchange their services for equity in your company.

How does it benefit my company?

Well-orchestrated media exposure can make or break an emerging company. Expert legal advice can accelerate your production schedule. A savvy public relations campaign featuring a well-known celebrity can create buzz about your business. But all of these business services can be very expensive. Services4Stock.com provides emerging companies with a unique alternative to paying for these services, facilitating the exchange of equity for expertise. As a subscriber to Services4Stock.com, you will benefit from the following:

  • You can turn a small piece of equity in your company into two proven growth strategy vehicles – advertising and promotion
  • Your service providers become your equity partners, aligned with your business objectives, since they succeed only when you succeed
  • Our large network of service providers enable you to achieve exposure in multiple markets and market segments
  • Using our services reduces your burden of finding and acquiring outside funding for marketing and promotion

What are the fees?

For the modest monthly fee of $49.95 per month, your company will be on the radar screen of leading media services providers looking to find companies such as yours. Your ongoing monthly subscription increases the likelihood of establishing new partnerships with one or more of these media service providers.